Chase Neely

Tomb Position

Assistant Relief Commander, Sentinel

Tomb Relief


Tomb Dates

Apr 2006 - Jan 2009

Society Membership

Lifetime Member

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Tomb Reflections

The best sounds were the heel clicks on the first walk of a cold winter morning. The scrape you get after a change. The sound that will always stick with me is the sound of thunderous footsteps down the hallway on a dress drill. I hope no one ever finds the First Relief Book...

I will always be grateful to have been granted the opportunity to serve at the Tomb. RIP SSG Adam Dickmyer (#528) and Mr. Jim Friedman.

Units & Campaigns

C Co, 1/3 INF REG (TOG)
E Co, 4/3 INF REG (TOG)
B Co, 801st BSB, 4BCT, 101 ABN DIV (ASSLT) - OEF 13-14 (FOB Salerno, Bagram Airfield)
A Co, Group Support BN, 5th Special Forces Group (A)
HHC, 1st BN, 5th Special Forces Group (A)
B Co, 9th PSYOP BN, 8th PSYOP Group (A)

Awards & Decorations

Combat Action Badge
Expert Infantryman Badge
Airborne Wings
Air Assault Wings
Pathfinder Badge
Tomb Guard Identification Badge (#553)
German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (Gold)
Italian Jump Wings
Canadian Jump Wings

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