Frederick Kenton Bartrem

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Jan 1958 - Dec 1959

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"It is hard to pick only one memorable moment at the Tomb. But there is one that does stand out. It was a rainy day and I was in the sentry box standing at parade rest. No one was around. I saw a lady come walking up the steps leading to the Tomb. She knelt down on the wet steps & spent quite a bit of time there. Finally, she crossed herself, got up and started walking my way. I came to attention and stared at the box at the other end of the mat. She spoke to me & then she said "Oh, I understand, you are not supposed to speak to me" and she turned and went down the steps. All I could think was this lady lost a father, a husband or a son in one of our wars & this place meant a great deal to her. That left a real impression on this 20-year-old who was privileged to witness this act of reverence. "

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3d United States Infantry (The Old Guard)

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