Theodore L. Goerschner

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Nov 1954 - May 1955

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Artist Ted Goerschner passed away December 23, 2012. Raised on the East Coast he wanted to be especially remembered for his painterly snowscapes. But there is much more to remember about Ted, the man. He was charismatic. He was the most inspirational painter and teacher of our time, repeatedly emphasizing the need to paint from life. His honesty and joy showed in each passionate brushstroke. His innate sense of color was breath taking. Ted knew that painting was a gift that he had been given to share with others. He was a charming teacher with a great sense of humor. He often remarked how lucky he was to be doing something that he loved. Professionally, he knew that his art provided him with a good living and his strong sense of ethics made him popular with gallery owners. Ted served his faith in God by unselfishly teaching others to explore and develop their own creativity. Other chapters in his life also served him well as an artist. While in the army Ted was selected for the Presidential honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. This history explains the perfectly pressed seams in his jeans and his natural coordination and total control over his art tools. His years of boating, fishing and painting in New England prompted this remark made to his students; "If you don't understand why it stays afloat, you can't paint it." After working in construction he reminded students not to paint a house without structure because it will appear to be falling down. He taught that an artist must know how to draw or their paintings would not be believable. His work ethics were impeccable. That, along with his discipline, organization, foundation, passion and sensitivity made him the great artist that we will miss. Each morning at 8am he arrived at his studio to paint alongside his loving wife, artist Marilyn Simandle. At the end of the day with his cigar and his dog by his side he was content, knowing that he had a spent the day working at what he loved. Ted was a lover of Jesus Christ and lived his life trying to reflect that love. Thank you Ted; you are a great loss to the art community and to our lives. You will remain in our hearts forever. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, January 19th at 11:00 am at Loper Funeral Chapel in Ballard. Loper Funeral Chapel, Directors. **UPDATE** Ted was inurnment ceremony was held at Arlington National Cemetery was conducted on Thursday May 2 at 10:00 a.m. we were met by a customer care rep who in the 80’s was a member of the Honor Guard. It was a standard military ceremony consisting of 6 soldiers to escort the ashes and flag and folding of the flag, an Army chaplain who in her own way informed all the soldiers that they were putting to rest one of their own (Ted being a member of the Honor Guard in 1954-55), a 21 gun salute by 7 other soldiers and a bugler who played Taps. The folded flag was presented to Marilyn. We then walked to the columbarium area where the Chaplain said final words and Teds ashes were placed inside to rest in Columbarium Court No. 9 (North), Section: N82; Column: 11; Niche: 3.

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