Hunter M. Vaught, Sr.

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Nov 1937 - Nov 1938


Hunter Vaught enlisted in the US Army in 1936, first assigned to the 3rd Calvary at Ft. Myer, VA. There he became an expert horseman, professionally training horses and riders. Among his experiences at Ft. Myer was securing Arlington National Cemetery and as an official Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier until 1939. After that time he served in various capacities at Ft. Beloir, VA, Front Royal, VA, and Camp Ellis, IL. During World War II Hunter became a heavy truck driver, aiding the Allied Front within campaigns in Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, and central Europe. After nine years of service, he was discharged in 1945. Following military service, Hunter Vaught became a professional horse trainer and farm manager. He garnered numerous awards for horse riding, showing, and even headed a riding academy. Hunter eventually retired in the late 1960’s to Front Royal, VA until his death in 1981. Hunter Vaught was married to Edna for 40 years. They raised three children – Hunter, Donald, and Sandra –who likewise have lived exemplary lives.

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