Never Forget Garden Marker

Through an initiative started in 2018, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Never Forget Garden is a nationwide invitation to all Americans and freedom loving people to plant gardens as a visual way to represent America’s unwavering commitment to our sacred duty to recognize, remember, and honor our veterans, many who continued to serve as first responders, and their families now and for many years to come. There are many ways and traditions that are available to express patriotism, love, mourning and remembrance. A “Never Forget Garden” can provide an elegant expression of that which deeply resides in the heart of our fellow Americans: “I will Never, Ever Forget You — I am in it with you.”

The Never Forget Garden Marker, designed in collaboration with the artists at Carruth Studio, was inspired by the sacred duty of the American people to never, ever forget or forsake all those who have served and sacrificed on behalf of America in times of war or armed conflict. Its message beckons the visitor to pause in this special place, and with a quiet soul open your heart to allow these plantings to speak; to reflect upon the deeds of those who we owe a debt that can never be fully repaid; and to think about those immutable truths that define us as Americans secured by their full measure of devotion.

Occasioned by the Centennial of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a Never Forget Garden and this marker are intended to be a place to remember, to honor, and to teach. It is a place of remembrance and renewal of our commitment to say to the living, the dead, and those yet to serve our Country.

The quote at the end of the marker is from the Declaration of Independence and is tied to America’s sacred duty to never ever forget. The very name of the Garden says : Never Forget —I am in it with you. The declaration is the document that speaks to why we fight and why citizens, from the very beginning of our Country, come forward to defend what defines us as American’s.

It is our hope that your special Never Forget Garden has a space for this marker, and you share your garden, and why it is important to you, with the Society so we can share it on our social media. Please send photos of the Never Forget Garden Marker to

Additional Information about the Marker can be found by clicking HERE.

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