Commemorative Committee Update

4 months ago

The Commemorative Committee was formed and approved by the Board of Directors during the 1st quarter of 2022, and since then they have been hard at work.

What is the Commemorative Committee?

Commemorative Committee coordinates with organizations that have ties to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (TUS), and/or work to honor the TUS and its higher meaning to never forget service and sacrifice. The committee will ensure that the unique relationships from outside organizations, which are woven into the fabric of the TUS and the guard post, are included in the educational mission of the Society while maintaining strong ties with those that support the mission of the Society.

What does the Commemorative Committee do?

The committee assists with ceremonial planning as requested by outside organizations as it relates to the TUS and the Sentinel’s that stand the eternal vigil and will coordinate with members to represent the Society as appropriate. The committee works closely with the Educational Committee to develop written material relevant to and bringing focus on why the TUS is important and its higher meaning to the American people and likeminded organizations. The committee also works closely with the Public Affairs Committee to ensure timely notice and distribution of materials and events related to the TUS and the Sentinels.

What have they done so far?

The Committee requested a budget of no more than $1000 to complete its mission this year, and this is pending approval from the Board of Directors.

The Committee has supported the development of written music sheets for mass distribution on the original Centennial score “Journey Home” by Dr. Sara Corey; facilitated a video recording of oral history from those that took park in the November 9-10, 2021 Public Flower Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery; posted to social media key events in TUS history; represented the Society during the dedication of the Never Forget Garden (NFG) at historic Williamsburg, VA along with other NFGs across the US; planned and executed the first annual platoon BBQ at the Cosby River House; assisted with the unique NFG at the Stonehenge Memorial in Goldendale, WA; planned, coordinated, and lead the June 14th Rededication of the Major Pierre L’Enfant Plaque in Arlington National Cemetery supporting the American Society of Le Souvenir Francis and the French Embassy; and represented the Society in the opening Cruise of USS Constitution alongside the Vietnam War Commission.

Future Events and how you can Participate

The Committee is continuing its work with the Educational Committee on presentations; supporting the platoon with food on key TUS dates; continues to publish key events on social media; gathering Society members to support the Chief Plenty Coups Honor Guard during the Day of Honor (September); reaching out to Society members to be representatives during ceremonial events aboard the USS Olympia (October/November); supporting the Daughters of the American Revolution and American Rose Society with the dedication of more NFGs across the US; finding ways to continue ties with the French cities of Chalons-en-Champagne and Le Havre and conduct ceremonies abroad; reaching out to Society members to participate in a simple flower ceremony at the US Navy Yard (November 9); and will to continue assisting with the commemoration of the Centennial of the Unknown Soldier in Czechoslovakia by providing technical assistance in planning of events and exhibits.

Interested in helping? Please reach out to the Committee Chair at

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