​How to get a Niphetos Rose

1 month ago

We have received many requests for information on the "Niphetos" rose and wanted to pass this along.

​The Niphetos Rose has been difficult to acquire because the variety being very old has fallen into relative obscurity. Occasioned by the Society’s work for the Centennial of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (1921-2021), a new and energized interest has created a demand that is proving to be a challenge to satisfy. The simple answer is that there are too few mother plants from which to take cuttings, and each year the grower has been able to increase the production.

To meet the increased demands from our rapidly expanding Never Forget Gardens both here and in Europe, we are providing contact information for the grower that we have found most reliable. We continue to search for more and welcome your help in finding more and sharing that information.

Here is the contact information:

Roses Unlimited
(864) 682-7673

We encourage you to contact them directly. Please contact Richard Azzaro if you have any questions or suggested growers.

Niphetos Rose
The Niphetos Rose or "Never Forget Rose" is the cornerstone for the Never Forget Garden at the American Cathedral in Paris, France.

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