March 15, 2021 – Centennial Tidbit #21 Released

1 month ago

The Centennial Committee has hit a milestone with the release of Centennial Tidbit #21 - Spotlight on Twenty-One Steps.

In this second short "spotlight" you will see the first reactions from a mother and her daughter as they read the new children's book "Twenty-One Steps" for the first time. Both had seen the cover a few days before sitting down to read it, and they were excited to see what was behind the cover. They are asked to read a section and explain which of the artwork they liked and why.

In Centennial Tidbit #19 we talked talk to novelist, writer, and playwright Jeff Gottesfeld about his recent children's book "Twenty-One Steps" created for ages "two to 92". The art by the book was created by Matt Tavares.

You can view and share Tidbit #21 here:

Other than asking them to sit down and let us record this, it is unscripted and you can see their first reactions. They have relatives that are in law enforcement and the young girls comments on why she liked certain art work reminds us of the saying "from the mouths of babes".

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