New Committee Formed

11 months ago

The Board of Directors has approved the creation of the Commemorative Committee within the Society.

Commemorative Committee will coordinate with organizations that have ties to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (TUS), and/or work to honor the TUS and its higher meaning to never forget service and sacrifice. The committee will ensure that the unique relationships from outside organizations, which are woven into the fabric of the TUS and the guard post, are included in the educational mission of the Society while maintaining strong ties with those that support the mission of the Society. The committee will assist with ceremonial planning as requested by outside organizations, as it relates to the TUS and the Sentinel’s that stand the eternal vigil and will coordinate with members to represent the Society as appropriate.

The committee will work closely with the Educational Committee to develop written material relevant to and bringing focus on why the TUS is important and its higher meaning to the American people and like minded organizations. The committee will work closely with the Public Affairs Committee to ensure timely notice and distribution of materials and events related to the TUS and the Sentinels.

Committee Leadership:

Centennial of the Tomb Guard (1926-2026) Director: Chelsea Porterfield (2020-21)

In the coming months you will see changes to the website to reflect the new committee and the projects they are working on. Please check back regularly.

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