Operation Pass the Torch

1 year ago

The Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier asks Americans to join us in our national campaign to observe Memorial Day in the way it was intended per the National Moment of Remembrance Act.

Please share this with your local and national media contacts, friends, veteran's organizations, and fellow veterans.

Background Information

Inspired by the excellent Memorial Day programming during the Centennial of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (1921-2021) we ask that 2022 Memorial Day programming include the dramatic reading of “In Arlington” by Treehouse Dream Films which is introduced by acclaimed actor, humanitarian, and advocate for the American veteran: Gary Sinise.

We also ask the playing of “Journey Home”, the original score written by Dr. Sara Corry and recorded by The United States Army Band (TUSAB), be played at 3:00p.m. as further implementation of the National Moment of Remembrance Act.

This campaign will be known as “Operation Pass the Torch”, taking its name from the iconic poem of World War I, “In Flanders Fields”, and its inspiration from America’s sacred duty to never forget all those that have served and sacrificed on behalf of America in times of war or armed conflict, and their families.

It is our vision that the dramatic reading of “In Arlington” will provide tone setting and substantive content to that iconic day’s media programing. “In Arlington” is both large and substantive enough to stand on its own, yet manageable enough to supplement or “stage set” other Memorial Day programming. That it will include all of America in a singular way for individual participation and expression.

Further that playing of “Journey Home” at 3:00p.m. by individuals, in groups, or public announcement systems on their electronic device, all of America will be engaged in this single act: Giving full voice to their love of country and profound respect and gratitude to those whose service and sacrifice have and will keep us free. This is an opportunity to unite the country by reuniting America with all those that have given all so that the promise of America would endure.

Below are the elements of Operation Pass the Torch:

  • Participation in this moment helps reclaim Memorial Day for the noble and sacred reason for which it was intended –to honor those who died in service to our Nation.
  • Americans of every age are invited to participate.
  • One may pause for the moment wherever they happen to be, whether alone of with others.
  • Participation is voluntary and informal. You may observe in your own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever you are doing for a moment of silence or listening to “Taps” or we hope, listening to “Journey Home”.
  • However, one may organize the observance more formally at such places as your neighborhood, local pool picnic grounds, etc., for that moment of remembrance. One could ring a bell to signify the beginning and the end of the Moment or many tune into a local radio station, website, Facebook, or other social media that is observing the Moment with the playing of “Taps” or “Journey Home”. If you are driving a vehicle, you may turn on your headlights.
  • We do this to remind all Americans of the importance of remembering those who sacrificed for their freedom and what it means to be an American, and to provide Americans throughout the world the opportunity to join this expression gratitude, in an act of unity and make Memorial Day relevant especially to younger Americans.

“Operation Pass the Torch” can be the “electric cord” that connects our generation and those who will follow us and to all those that have served and sacrificed on behalf of America in times of war or armed conflict. In doing so, we can, in a muscular way, preserve and keep relevant the higher meaning of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and our nations support for and all those that have and will serve to keep our country safe. And in a very meaningful way help America observe Memorial Day as intended.

Press Release

For more information, please contact Richard Azzaro at razzaro@verizon.net

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