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Wreath bearer at the Christmas Sentinel Wreath Laying Ceramony

  • A Co, 15 MI BN (AE) Desert Shield/Desert Storm
  • A Co, 1st MI BN (AE)
  • HHS, 1st MI BN (AE)
  • B CO US Army Intelligence Center and School
  • 73d Combat Intelligence Company (Aerial Surveilance)
  • US Army Electronic Proving Grounds
  • E Co, 3d US Infantry (The Old Guard) USADT/TUS
  • D Co, 3d US Infantry (TOG)
  • MSM (2d Award), Air Medal, ARCOM (2d Award) AAM (2d Award), GCMDL (6th Award), NDSM, SWA Campain (2), NCOPD (4), ASR, OSR (2), Liberation of Kawait (SA)