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I was assigned to relieve David Barnes at the 2am to 4am guard change. He informed me that there were MP's running all over the cemetery, because there were many headstones being pushed up, not over. Real big ones that couldn't be moved by just a few people. I was hoping Sgt. Bone would come up and check on me after a while, but when the MP's left it was just me and 110,000 graves. I was the only one above ground. Many strange thoughts go through one's mind at a time like this, I wished that I had some of that live ammunition that we use to carry on Post #1.

  • Basic and Advanced Infantry, Ft Ord, CA
  • 3d US Infantry (The Old Guard), Honor Guard, Firing Party, Ft Myer, VA
  • 3d US Infantry (The Old Guard), Honor Guard, Post #1, Tomb Guard Platoon
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Tomb Guard Identification Badge