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During my days at the Tomb, there were 3 Reliefs consisting of 4 sentinels and 1 Relief Cdr. each. Each Relief was on duty at the Tomb for 24 hours (0700-0700) and off duty for 48 hrs.. Beginning at 0700 the first Sentinel was posted and walked the mat for one hour and then relieved. This rotation of the 4 Sentinels continued throughout the day until the cemetery closed. At this point in time the Sentinel was posted for a 2 hour tour, but did not walk the mat in the same manner as during the day(more relaxed). We had to remain on the mat however. There were no lights to illuminate the plaza as is the case today. If one Sentinel should go on leave or be ill the rotation was covered by the 3 remaining Sentinels - made for a very long 24 hours. Our quarters at TUS were under the amphitheater consisting of a small kitchen, bunk room, small lounge area and a uniform room.
Upon completion of our tour we would return to HG Co. and our quarters. We did not pull any other duties! Great Duty, demanding and an HONOR to have been selected to serve as a member of such an elite group of soldiers. The proudest memory of my life - a TOMBGUARD, thanks to: Neale Cosby, PL; Wm. Daniel, SOG; Tom Bone, RC; Bill Rigsby, SOG; Jos.\\\"Zach\\\" Zachwieja, PL.

  • Tombguard Badge
  • Good Conduct Medal