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Most memorable Moment at The Tomb. It was a very busy summer day in 1973. After a walk I told the RC I would conduct the next change to give him a break. As the civilian guard parted the crowd to let me inside the chains I heard a woman frantically calling to her toddler son, he was probably no more than two years old. He had stepped well inside the chains to get away from the crushing adults gathered around for the upcoming guard change. The next instant I hear \\\\\\\"Commander Of The Relief, Post Number 1\\\\\\\". When I approached the little guy he just kept backing up, right into WWI. Upon corning him I put out my hand and said let’s go find Mommy. When he took my hand I heard a collective \\\\\\\"Awwwwwwwh\\\\\\\" from the several hundred onlookers. I wish I had a picture of me handing him over to his mom. The end of the story?
\\\\\\\"It is requested that parents keep their children on the \\\\\\\'OUTSIDE\\\\\\\' of the chains. Thank you\\\\\\\". I actually said that to her. I felt bad about it when I got back down stairs.

  • 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)
  • * Continental Color Team
  • * Tomb Guard Platoon
  • National Defense Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal (2nd Award)
  • Tomb Guard Badge